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The Life Extension Pod

with Quave NIR™ Red Lights

Periwinkle Life Extension Pod with lid open
Black Life Extension Pod with lid open
Red Life Extension Pod with lid open
Leopard Life Extension Pod with lid open
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Look & Feel Better
O2 Nanobubbles
40-200nm Oxygen2 infused nanobubbles allowing your skin to breath.
H2 Gas
600ml-per-minute Hydrogen2 gas neutralizes free-radicals and fuels your cells.
3,024 LEDs providing advanced wave light therapy. Optimized for cell mitochondrial efficacy.

What is the Pod?

The Life Extension Pod is an upgradeable, open source capsule that simultaneously collects data and delivers therapies.

What the Pod does.

The pod combines therapies that work synergistically to increase your metabolism and ATP levels, visibly improving skin and hair health.

What to Expect

Safe as a Hot Tub

Once inside you connect yourself to a breathing tube, a device used to deliver supplemental hydrogen. The pod is spacious, open and your body naturally floats.

Inside the Pod

Disconnect from the outside world. Fall into a meditative state and feel the warm glow that surrounds you. Feel the flow of nonobubble water on your skin while breathing in therapeutic gas into your lungs.


Your eyes adjust to the red light in seconds. Nanobubble water starts to fill the tank. Hydrogen gas is delivered through your breathing tube. White-noise & relaxing music shuts you off from the outside world. Be at one with your thoughts.

Winding Down

The nano-bubbles have thoroughly oxygenated your skin. The water starts to drain. When one inch of water remains, the lights are turned off. You open the lid with a gentle push and step out and dry yourself with a fresh towel -- feeling renewed.

Designed for maximum comfort

Refined interior designed for maximum comfort. The Life Extension Pod is upgradeable with efferent, green energy output. It's better than a bath. Float and escape.

94° F / 34° C
Warm Water

Customizable by Design

Designed for luxury comfort. Engineered for immediate results.


Personalize your color, add your logo or add a custom decal.


Easily adjustable. Swap in different light panels.


Quave Red light panels with carefully calibrated light frequencies for optimal efficacy.[2]

The future of longevity.
Life Extension Pod.

Boost ATP production. Enjoy dermatological, energy, sleep, metabolism, and wellness benefits. Open source, modular design.

Customizable interior & exterior

Choose between a range of colors and patterns.

The Life Extension Pod is built from the ground up as a modular, customizable life pod with a high-strength architecture and incredible occupant protection. Every Life Extension Pod includes Oval's latest safety features at no extra cost.

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Free Session in Austin
(Limited Availability)
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For Private or Commercial Use
Red Life Extension Pod with lid open


custom decals -
stainless-steel -


redlight / NIR panels -
high efficacy -


- easily adjustable
- mounts panels

Our customers love The POD

What Life Extension Pod User Say

My muscle soreness has gone away

I’ve been doing the pod for a little over a month. In the time that I’ve been doing it, I’ve noticed that my muscle soreness has definitely gone away. I’m very active, I play soccer, I work out every day, I do yoga, I haven’t had any pain whatsoever. My aesthetician commented on my skin, that it looked stress free, that my wrinkles didn’t look as visible, and I feel like my hair is thicker… I just had an annual, my blood pressure was amazing like an athlete, all of my blood levels have gone down and everything is excellent according to my doctor.

Relaxing in Life Extension Pod powered by Quave Redlight NIR Panels

Life Extension Pod and Quave Redlight / NIR Panel FAQ

What are the steps to use The Life Extension Pod?
  1. Once inside the person connects themselves to a clear tube called a Nasal cannula (NC), a device typically used to deliver supplemental oxygen, which is instead used to deliver pure hydrogen gas.
  2. While laying down in the pod, the lights are turned on dosing the person from head to toe with the most effective wavelengths of near-infrared (NIR) light found to date.
  3. After 20 seconds while the light and hydrogen gas are still being delivered, the tub starts to fill with water containing oxygen (O2) nanobubbles and then stops once water level reaches about 1 inch above their chest or belly.
  4. The user stays in the pod for the next 45-60 minutes (based on their preference).
  5. Water starts draining at the set time and then once finished draining the user can get out having been simultaneously dried.